Why professional guidance is a must for Wealth Transfer process after the death of a loved one

Understanding and doing things, especially in the time of grief is difficult for family members where death has occurred.

There are multiple steps to take care of after death - from Obtaining Death Certificate, getting a Will probate (some areas) to Transferring Wealth to Closing out Identity & preparing for next generation, etc.

Each of these steps is complicated and requires lot of understanding to complete. Every organisation has its own set of rules and policies which need to be understood and followed. Moreover, these policies are frequently updated, thereby leading to complications. The documentation is another crucial part and in most cases incomplete documentation leads to families going back and forth between agencies, govt. organisations, financial institutions and eventually loss due to improper knowledge.

Attorneys and CAs are unaware of complete processes and only take care of portions/parts of the complete process.

Families also lose out on Wealth because of lack of experienced hand to guide them through this journey.

To avoid all of the above and to seamless and accurately take next steps, it is essential for nominees and family members to opt for Professional Assistance through this journey - from start to end.

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