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Family is Everything.


What is NeXT 2.0?

A service helping families manage all legal and financial formalities after passing away of a family member

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Formalities we take care of

8 Important Areas

Obtaining Death Certificate

Getting Succession Certificate (incase of no Will)*

Gathering complete Financial, Employer Documents

Notifying Financial Institutions: Transferring Wealth(Assets, Liabilities), Closing of Bank Accounts, etc.

Claiming Insurance

Transfer of Vehicles, Utility Bodies connections (Gas, Water, etc.)

Filing Tax Returns of Deceased*

Clearing out Deceased person's Identity (PAN, Voter ID, Emails, etc.)


100% Professional | 110% Care

All - in - One

Complete End to End Process

The Best CAs, CFAs, Lawyers

Truly Top-Notch

Step by Step Personal Handholding

Super Smooth

There till last step

Do it Right, Do it Best